Wat Tum Sua Buddhist Temple – 1,256 Steps – Krabi, Thailand

Wat Tum Sua Temple Stair Climb - Krabi, Thailand

Top of 278 meter stair climb in Krabi, Thailand

This is my all-time favorite stair climbing site, and the one that I have ascended many times over the years. This is an outdoor staircase that hugs the side of a limestone mountain just outside Krabi town, in Krabi province, southern Thailand.

This is one of the best stair climbs in the world because it is continuous, has railing most of the way, and there is cold water at the top – along with stunning views of Krabi town, Phi Phi islands, and scores of limestone karst formations.

Here is some more information about this southern Thailand stair climb location:

Endurance athletes can take the Thailand Vertical Mile Stair Climbing Challenge by registering on the form below.

  • Please note – There are no real medical facilities. It would be impossible to treat you quickly in the case of a life-threatening incident on the stairs – depending how high up you are at the time. Do NOT do this stair climb if you have the slightest doubt that you can complete it without having a medical emergency.
  • Weather is nearly always hot, or at least very warm (90 degrees +) and humid (80%+). The sun dips behind the mountain after 1430-1500 hours, and it gets a little bit cooler. Best to target this time for a climb.
  • Usually there is wind at the top – to cool you down. You can climb up the other shrines at the top – don’t be shy. Don’t step on or sit on the same level as the Buddhas and other statues. Don’t point your feet at the statues as you sit or lay down.
  • You must walk down the same steps you came up. No other way down.
  • Water for splashing on you, and restrooms are available at steps 500, and 1060.
  • Drinking water – usually cold – is available at the top, but bring your own water bottle to fill up. Don’t use the cups found at the top by the fountain.
  • There is a small convenience market on site at the temple ground level. They have water, soda, and lemon-lime and grape gatorade for sale for 20 THB (66 cents USD).
  • There are places to sit or lay down at the top. You can sit at the bottom of the steps to rest, but no place to lay down.
  • You must wear shorts and shirt – minimum. This is a Buddhist temple, not a public park. Shorts should not be too short. Do NOT wear triathlete attire with a Speedo type bottom.
  • The steps open at 6 am, daylight. They close after dark. Nobody will stop you if you are walking the steps at night, however, it is treacherous to be tired and going up or down the steps at night with a flashlight.
  • There are no lights on the steps – you’ll need a good flashlight at night.
  • At night there are snakes and lizards on and near the steps. Another reason you must bring a good flashlight.
  • The steps are not slippery when wet, however, if you wear sport sandals – they become slippery after you have sweat in them a lot. That can be dangerous at times coming down the steps.
  • There are railings the entire length of the steps. They are pretty solid.
  • Sunset is at 1830 hours every day. Sunrise is around 0600.
  • Monkeys can be calm, active and friendly, or active and aggressive – depending on how much they’ve had to eat recently. They will take your cameras, sunglasses, purses, umbrellas, shoes – sometimes right off your feet, your food, rip open your bags, etc. While approaching monkeys – put your things under your shirt and they won’t likely grab under there. If they see food they want before you put it under your shirt – they might grab it anyway.
  • Don’t stare at the monkeys, it is an act of aggression and can make them angry.
  • If a monkey jumps on you – just give it what it wants. They rarely bite – but, it has happened a couple times in 4 years and it is not a nice experience.
  • Dogs look ragged – but they don’t bite and very rarely ever bark at visitors.
  • Do give a donation in one of the many boxes setup for that purpose. Twenty to Fifty Thai Baht is a minimal donation.
  • If you want to climb with me or one of the other guys – email me at the address on the right side column and we’ll see if we can meet you there.


Take a taxi or motorbike out of Krabi town heading along the river toward Highway 4. Once at the large intersection, make a right and go about 1 km to the next traffic light. Make a left there and you’ll see the large Buddha on the top of the mountain in front of you. On your left in about 1km will be a sign to turn off as the road “V”s.





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